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Leeds Equity Release Specialist put your financial retirement in a easy to understand step by step process enabling you to make the correct informed decision. Here at Chambers Financial Solutions ltd we will guide you through your Equity Release Journey with specialised equity release advisors within your local area.

RIO - Retirement interest only

Retirement interest only mortgages are available should you wish to continue making interest only element of your mortgage.

Key Differences

Key differences to standard interest only and RIO

1 You usually don’t have to repay  the loan unless you pass away, move into long term care, or sell the house.

2 Affordability is usually based on your ability to demonstrate you can repay the monthly  interest only element.


Retirement Mortgages

Lifetime mortgages are aimed at clients looking to releasing equity without the need of a  monthly financial commitment

Key Features

1 No monthly repayments

2 You usually don’t have to repay  the loan unless you pass away, move into long term care, or sell the house.

3 No affordability assessment needs to be proven.  

Wealth Management

Equity release offer a wide range of financial and wealth management benefits including inheritance tax benefits.

 Our expert advisors will discuss the key benefits, pro’s and con’s of equity release  so you can be confident in your decision  before taking the next step in your equity release journey


Home Reversion Plans

Home Reversion plans are designed for customers looking to sell  their property but still want the benefit of living in the property without a rental or minimum rental commitment

Key Features

1 Rent is usually paid a £1.00 per month to form a rental contract

2 You no longer own the property.

3 You usually don’t have to move out the property unless move into long term care.

Home Improvements

Paying off existing mortgages & Debts

Helping loved ones financially

Buying a new home

Holidays & Personal Aspirations

Supplement pension or monthly income

Paying for care


Chambers Financial Solutions can meet all your financial business needs, offering expert advice and a friendly, hassle-free service. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can handle everything from overseeing your day-to-day accounts and filing your tax returns to helping you find the very best mortgage and insurance deals for your business.


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