Buildings and Contents

Buildings and contents insurance is essential for protecting your home, ensuring in the unlikely event of an unforeseen accident, malicious intent, or unexpected circumstances your household is restored to its original condition restoring your home, your assets and your priceless possessions

Landlords Insurance

Whilst your tenants will be responsible for covering their own contents and assets, landlords insurance enable you to maintain your landlord responsibilities, covering the property itself whilst adding additional benefit such as miscellaneous damage, cover for rent void periods, legal expenses, emergency cover and even rent guarantee if you so choose. Each cover is as unique as your property

Income Protection

Income Protection is possibly the most important factor in covering your day-to-day lifestyle, family, and household expenditure.
Why income protection is important is as relevant as why is your monthly wage being paid on time is important.
Income protection is designed and tailored to your individual needs to ensure in the event of the inability to work you are able to maintain your household, financially support your family, cover your usual day to day expenses whilst giving you the peace of mind in knowing should any extended time be taken of work due to incapacity you are able to breathe easy

Family Income benefit

Your family is important and possibly the most important consideration in your day to day, year to year, current and future plans. There is a saying when it comes to family income benefit.
we may not be able to replace or fill the void of loss, critical or serious illness, but we are able to assist in covering the financial gap should such unfortunate event occur, so your family is not additionally burdened by financial distress.
Family income benefit (FIB) can be used to ensure a guaranteed tax-free monthly income is paid in the event of an unforeseen, unfortunate life changing event

Life Insurance

Life insurance is essential for providing a legacy to your family, beneficiaries and loved ones in the event of your passing. This essential protection will enable you to protect the people and the things you deem most important shielding them from the potential financial burdens of your passing.

Whole life Insurance

Whole of life insurance is your way of guaranteeing a financial amount is secured, and protected for your family, friends, and beneficiaries in the event of your passing.
This legacy planning insurance is regularly used for inheritance payments and is run for the duration of your life with a guaranteed payment to your beneficiaries.
Whole of life Insurance is regularly used to leave a guaranteed inheritance amount to your chosen beneficiaries

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness cover is designed to support and assist you in the event of a life changing illness.
The policy will make payments to you for a pre-insured amount which can be used for support throughout your recovery, supporting your family or anything else you deem important.

Child Protection

One of the most daunting things for any family is the unexpected illness of a child, and even more important the thought of losing a child.
specialist child protection Insurance covers your little ones, providing you a level of financial support to enable you to take the necessary time needed to focus on whats important.
Child protection provides additional benefits and financial support to enable you to make clear life changing decisions, for example fast tracking treatment by using the funds to pay for the cost of private medical care.

Mortgage Protection

From owning your first property, to multiple properties to becoming a portfolio landlord with various rental properties on the go, will inevitably be the most expensive lending you do in your lifetime.
With the accomplishments of owning multiple properties bringing the possibility of multiple mortgages increasing the outstanding loan amounts or even the loan against one property been possibility the largest loan you have outstanding, this is something you certainly want to protect in the event of a life changing situation.
Covering these outstanding amounts will enable you to protect your loved ones from any financial detriment in the evet of your passing, critical or terminal illness enabling you to shield your loved ones thus creating a legacy increasing generational wealth.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Private medical insurance has now become the number one life saving insurance in the UK.
We at Chambers Financial Solutions believe this necessary level of cover should be called lifesaving insurance, as it could be the difference between today and tomorrow when it comes to ensuring you are safe, healthy, and here for your family.
With the increased strain on the NHS, Delays on getting doctors’ appointments, the countless times you have been told to call back tomorrow or your appoint is booked for next month, you are on the waiting list for a minimum of 6 months , how important would it be for you to be able to say io am not feeling well, I am I need of this treatment, or this operation and you are seen within days sometimes hours?
Protect yourself, protect your family, don’t leave it to chance or time, Get seen when you need to be seen receiving the necessary level of care when its most important, Straight away without extended delays

Funeral Plans

The loss of a family is not only a painful, emotional rollercoaster, but it is an expensive financial burden that occurs at usually the most unexpected times.
With the typical funeral cost now ranging from 10s of thousands, ensure this is not something your family will have to worry about in the event of you passing is an essential consideration.
Let’s ensure your final wishes, your necessary funeral arrangements are handled in the way you choose, guaranteeing matters are handled in the manner you require and not left to chance

Business Protection

Business protection is sometimes the difference between the survival of your business or the unfortunate liquidation of your business dreams.
Imagine the cost of replacing a key person in your business in the event of their passing, critical or terminal illness. The time, financial outlay, recruitment, retraining of such a key member, for them to be able to deliver at the same level of the business initial key person?
Lets go one step further and imagine the loss of a director, a core founder of the business you built from the ground up and the need for the business to pay the partner, beneficiaries the share amount as a result of the passing of such essential member, is this something your business could survive.
At Chambers Financial Solutions we believe your business is as loved as anything else you invested your time, effort, energy and goals into and as such you should have the relevant shareholder, relevant life, Death in service for your employees (DIS) and essential business protection for longevity and business continuity.


Chambers Financial Solutions can meet all your financial business needs, offering expert advice and a friendly, hassle-free service. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can handle everything from overseeing your day-to-day accounts and filing your tax returns to helping you find the very best mortgage and insurance deals for your business.


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